Parents Choice Daycare
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About Us

Our mission is to provide a quality childcare experience that helps your child develop physically, socially, and emotionally.

About Me
Hello. My name is Poonam. I am the owner and primary caregiver at Parents Choice Daycare. I have been caring for children for over eight years. I am certified in CPR and have also completed the state nutrition guidelines training and state licensing orientation program. My staff is also specially trained to provide primary care for your children.

My Philosophy
I believe that all children deserve love, attention, and nurturing. I believe that a safe environment allows children to explore and grow. At Parents Choice Daycare, we allow children to have hands-on learning experiences. This allows age appropriate development. We read to the children everyday. We believe that positive reinforcement is important for children to develop self-esteem. Children need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning. Most importantly, however, I believe that children need to have fun! At Parents Choice Daycare, we often have ice cream parties, movie days, and play lots of exciting games. Children learn best from experiencing the world around them. 

At Parents Choice we recognize that you have a difficult schedule and support parents the best we can. We recognize the importance of work, and the stress and demands placed on parents. We strive to make it easier on parents by giving them the knowledge that their children are in good hands.